Your pledge of support is essential to St. Peter’s for carrying out the work of the Lord in Lake Mary and the world. In addition to weekly services, your pledge helps fund ministries to the needy including feeding the homeless in Sanford, feeding hungry children through the schools, and bringing healthcare and clean water to remote villages in Honduras.

Every fall, we celebrate the mission and ministry of St. Peter’s. It’s a time for us to reflect on how we steward the time, gifts and financial resources with which the Lord has entrusted us.

We recognize that we cannot all give the same amount of money, time or talents. We are all in different circumstances, stations in life and places in our walk with the Lord. However, one thing we all can do is make a pledge of commitment to the mission of the Kingdom of
God through St. Peter’s.

Faithfully seek the Lord’s guidance and make your pledge by returning your pledge cards or pledge online by November 12.

Now you can easily make your pledge to St. Peter’s and the Kingdom online. All pledges are strictly confidential.

Final I Give

Final I Give