As people grasp the scale of the impact of Hurricane Irma, St. Peter’s Lake Mary is mobilizing to meet the needs of our neighbors.


I Want to Help

There are countless ways you can help, from housing those who have been displaced to assisting with home or lawn clean-up, to delivering supplies, to cooking, to calling parishioners, to referring business services. We can use you!

Hurricane Irma Volunteer/Resources Form

  • Donate Funds: As we transition to the recovery stage of our response, the most useful donation at this time is cash or universal gift cards (VISA etc.) that we can deploy on the spot as needed. Click here to donate to the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund.
  • Join Our Work Teams to Help People In Need: We will mobilize to help people with immediate reparation of their homes. We may have MANY people who need our help! When you complete the Hurricane Volunteer/Resources Form, we will contact you with meet-up times at the church after the storm. If you don’t have any tools don’t let that keep you from coming. We need skilled or unskilled labor, able bodies and willing hearts. Can’t do the physical work? Perhaps you could provide lunches and snacks for our volunteers! Bring:
    • Clorox spray bottles, rags, towels
    • Brooms
    • Carpet knives
    • Boxes, Packing tape
    • Wheelbarrows
    • Shovels
    • Crow bars
    • Battery operated circular saws
    • Wear sturdy, closed toed shoes or boots, waterproof if you have them.
  • Call Parishioners: Our goal is to contact EVERY member of St. Peter’s to let them know that we care. It is what families do, and our church is one amazing family. If you are willing to make phone calls, please indicate that on your Hurricane Volunteer/Resources Form.


I Need Help

The church is here to help meet your needs! Please let us know how we can help you.

Hurricane Irma Relief Needs Form


Hurricane Irma Response


Donate Money: Donations to St. Peter’s special Relief and Development fund will be designated for and restricted to Hurricane Irma relief efforts. Every dollar donated will go directly back into our parish to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. You can donate by: