Honduras Mission

The next Honduras Mission trip is scheduled for Saturday June 11th – Sunday, June 19th, 2016. The advance team departs Wednesday, June 8th.

Do you feel called to go on a mission trip? Do you love children? Do you have medical or dental training? Would you like to help bring clean water to a village? Do you have other skills or talents to offer? A desire to serve?

Whether or not you feel you have the requisite skills, fear not. God is able to use you just as you are. Come experience the life-altering power of Christ in Honduras. When you dedicate your gifts and talents in service as God intended, you will be empowered, and experience a deep sense of joy.

Team members are responsible for their own expenses, including airfare, hotel, transportation, and meals. For information on this year’s mission trip, please contact Susie Millonig in the church office at 407-444-5673.

Why would someone give up a week of summer vacation, pay to travel to a third world country and then work for free? Click here for DETAILS of this year’s trip. Also, click to download the Mission REGISTRATION form.

If you ask someone who has served on a mission trip, you’re likely  to hear that they got back more than they gave.

If you ask one of the villagers, especially one with small children, you’ll hear quite a different story. You may hear that their child was sick, and there were no other doctors they could go to. You may hear that the village lacked safe drinking water, and it was causing their babies to die. You may hear that without missionaries from America, they would have no hope for a better life.

For more than 20 years, St. Peter’s in Lake Mary, Florida, has been sending mission teams to a remote mountain village in Honduras. Initially, St. Peter’s was asked to help build a church in Quince de Enero. At the time, there was no electricity, no running water; little more than a dirt road running through the center of town. So St. Peter’s built them a church.

Iglesia San Pedro, Quince de Enero, Honduras


Next year, St. Peter’s returned, and doubled the size of the school in Quince. Without education, there is no hope for a better future.
Following that, a village woman told someone on the mission team: “Our children are sick and dying. We need Doctors and Medicine.” This simple statement changed everything. It launched a medical mission, which has become Mountain of Hope.

Note: 100% of all donations directly support our Honduras Mission.Donate_Support_250

The Medical Mission

Upon returning to the states, members of the mission team began asking doctors and dentists if they would be willing to travel to Quince to start a medical mission. Once a few agreed, the mission gained momentum. A year later, 65 people returned to Quince, among them ER doctors, nurses, a dentist and an optometrist and medicines. Word spread in Honduras. Some people walked an entire day with their children, for their first visit to a doctor. Over 3,000 new patients were seen that week.

Mountain of Hope

In partnership with St. Peter’s, Mountain of Hope, Inc. is a separate 501c3 non-profit organization which was formed to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Clinica Montaña de Esperanza. Mountain of Hope also raises money for, and oversees the drilling of wells in this remote region of Honduras. Learn more at mountainofhope.org.

Medical Missions at Clinica Montaña de Esperanza, Quince de Enero


The Clinica

It soon became clear that one week a year was not enough. So St. Peter’s Mountain of Hope set out to raise the money, and build, a medical clinic in Quince. Staffed with a local doctor, dentist, nurses, pharmacist etc., Clinica Montaña de Esperanza (Mountain of Hope Clinic) has treated 10’s of thousands of villagers over the years who have no other access to healthcare.

Drilling Wells – The Gift of Safe Drinking Water


Clean Water

Another problem that is so acute in less developed countries is the lack of a safe drinking supply. This became evident when a microbiologist accompanied Mountain of Hope, and tested the local water supply. The unusually high levels of bacteria were clearly established as the cause of many of the diseases common to the area. Diseases that also resulted in a high infant mortality rate.
Once again, the focus of the mission changed. Mountain of Hope began to drill wells in and around Quince de Enero. In addition to the clinic, this has caused the health of the entire region to improve. Infant mortality is greatly reduced. And here’s a surprising fact: since Mountain of Hope already has donated well-drilling equipment in Honduras, we are able to drill a well to supply an entire village for about $3,000.00 US. If you would like to help, please consider a donation in any amount. It can mean the difference between life and death for a baby born in that village.
Note: 100% of all donations directly support our Honduras Mission.Donate_Support_250


Bible School – Teaching God’s Love



Mission Bible School

Every year, the mission team offers Mission Bible School. About 250 eager children line up every day after their regular school day to attend bible school. A typical day includes opening prayers, singing of hymns, and a craft project based on a theme from the bible. Children young and old walk to the church to hear about Jesus and His love for all of God’s children. Through donations, enough spanish-language Bibles were purchased to give one for each child to keep and share with their family.

Over the 20+ years that St. Peter’s has been going, we’ve watched children become adults, marry and start a family. Many have stayed active in the church, and have assumed a position of leadership in the village. This has yielded a positive impact generationally; strengthening families, reducing domestic violence and improving literacy in the village.

Note: 100% of all donations directly support our Honduras Mission.Donate_Support_250