Stir up the Flame of the Holy Spirit! Come and join our Contemporary Worship Band for our first annual Evening Prayer service to pray for the Lord’s guidance and anticipate the coming of the Holy Spirit:

Prayers for a stronger parish … to worship … and share the joy of Jesus Christ with the community.
This Evening Prayer service will be led by Tom Phillips with music by Rebecca McGaffic and our 7onTuesday Band. There will be opportunity for corporate and individual prayer as a focus of our evening together. All members are encouraged to consider a 24-hour fast Friday night through Saturday night as a way to focus our hearts and lives on the Lord.

Bring your prayers for guidance on the desires of your heart:
• For our Fishers’ Committee to draw our community and new members here
• To discern God’s vision for the Church on the Hill building campaign
• Wisdom for our church leaders and staff
• All prayers on your heart that will stir up the flame of the Holy Spirit

As we approach Pentecost, the birthday of the Christian Church and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, let us pray!