Backpack Weekend Food Assistance

This school year’s Backpack Weekend Food Assistance program is in full swing. St. Peter’s Backpack Team once again requests your help to provide food for about 45 homeless children at Pine Crest Elementary in Sanford, ranging from five years to eleven years (K – 5th). St. Peter’s helps approximately half of Pine Crest’s homeless students with weekend food so that Monday they do not return to school too hungry to learn.

Backpack’s distinctive Red Bags – with a list of needed food items – will be available in the narthex for your food donations. Donations of money are also needed, as additional food items must be purchased each week as well as the plastic bags in which the food is distributed. The cost to ensure two full meals plus breakfast every weekend is about $10 per child. Please consider how much you will be able to give throughout this school year, and be assured 100 percent of every dollar goes directly to buying food for children who otherwise lack sufficient food on weekends. These children also receive two hot meals per day at school; for many, these are the only hot meals they can depend on.

The Backpack Program is completely dependent on your donations of money and food. The Pine Crest program has been successful thanks to the generosity of the congregation at St. Peter’s and the community. We ask for your continued support so that we can continue this vital work for needy children in our community. Contact the church office to volunteer.