We are excited to Welcome Fr. Chris as our Interim, to guide us through this very special time of transition as we search for our new Rector.20171107_095828 20171107_095901Welcome Letter from Interim Priest, Fr. Chris
I began my tenure here on Tuesday October 31st. Now all of us know that the last day of October is Halloween Day, better known as trick or treat day. If I had my way I would make my starting date for anything major a day like ALL SAINTS DAY, or COLUMBUS DAY, which is really Christopher Columbus’ Day. Actually, I like Columbus Day because my first name is Christopher, and the name Christopher means “Steadfast for Christ.” Someone once asked, what’s in a name? Well, as I hope you will see over my time here that by the grace of God, I try my best to live out the meaning of my name.  It is somewhat coincidental that there is another name assigned to me that appears in the gospel today. You and others refer to me as Father Chris, and Jesus specifically says, call no man father. Theologically, Jesus was refuting the status that the Scribes and Pharisees ascribed to themselves. Jesus did not appreciate the way they exalted themselves by the wearing of their phylacteries and coveting seats of honor in public places (Matthew 23:1-12). But for me, this earthly father means affection, caring, aspiring to the values of a real father who will not just walk in your shoes and sympathize, but with empathy, show you a glimpse of the real Father in Heaven. So, as we begin this journey together, let us all work for the treat that only Jesus can give–unconditional love.

I am yours, for the building up of God’s kingdom.
Fr. Chris