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Help Wanted

Christian-Ed Kindergarten Teacher St. Peter’s Preschool and Kindergarten is currently seeking a Kindergarten teacher for the 2016-17 school year. Our Kindergarten program is designed to offer active and developmentally appropriate instruction focusing not only on academics, but spiritual, emotional, and social growth as well. We offer a small class size which offers opportunities for individualized […]


Year-End Giving

Important Ideas for Year-End Charitable Gifts There’s still time between now and New Year’s Eve to take the appropriate steps to reduce your tax bill and help St. Peter’s Lake Mary. Knowing when to act is often as important as knowing what needs to be done. Here are some important ideas to keep in mind: […]


Pledging your life

Dear St. Peter’s Congregation, In the book of Hebrews, we read about how the father of the faithful, Abraham, tithed a tenth of the spoils of his plunder to Melchizedek, the King of Righteousness and Peace. Melchizedek blessed Abraham for his faithfulness to the Most High God. Jesus is described as “a high priest forever, in […]


Church on the Hill

Dear St. Peter’s Church Family, I am joyful in sharing that the 30 year vision of St. Peter’s members to construct a new church building on the Rinehart Road frontage is on the horizon. At the September 2015 meeting, the vestry voted to promptly set these plans into motion. You may recall that with our […]


Premier Golf Tournament

Join us for the 4th Annual Premier Golf Tournament. St. Peter’s is looking to field a foursome for this event. Proceeds from this event will directly support the Premier Gives Back Foundation to continue to make a difference in our communities. With the help of donations, we will continue to see improvements within the communities. […]

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  • Family Thanksgiving Day Prayer November 26, 2015
    We thank Thee Lord, for this repast, May all our Blessings, last and last. To all those loved ones gathered here Thou hast cast Thy gleam of Heavenly cheer. -- Thanksgiving Day Prayer The post Family Thanksgiving Day Prayer appeared first on The Rev. Charlie Holt.
    Charlie Holt
  • Taking a Stand November 25, 2015
    There are times in life where we have to make tough choices between faithfulness to God and faithfulness to other powers and authorities. The more corrupt the society and environment around us become, the greater the likelihood that we will face such a choice as Daniel was faced with in Daniel chapter 6. Like Daniel, […]
    Charlie Holt
  • Under Guard for Christ and By Christ October 5, 2015
    In the book of Philippians, both Paul and the Philippians were experiencing difficult situations of persecution in their lives due to their commitment to the Gospel. Paul was imprisoned for the Gospel by the imperial guard in Rome. From an earthly perspective, this could become the occasion of tremendous stress, worry, and despair. Paul used […]
    Charlie Holt
  • For Such A Time As This August 19, 2015
    While the name of God is not mentioned, His hand is seen in all of the unfolding events within the book of Esther. God uses the faithfulness, courage and integrity of Esther and Mordecai to accomplish His good purposes for the exiled Jewish people. Mordecai ponders the mystery of God’s providence and their role in […]
    Charlie Holt
  • The Heart of a Reformer August 5, 2015
    King Ahaz was a corrupt and faithless king. He set up altars to false gods in every corner of Jerusalem, and he made unholy alliances with foreign kings. The most dramatic act of his rebellion against the Lord was when he “shut up the doors of the house of the Lord” (2 Chronicles 28:24). His […]
    Charlie Holt

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