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Backpack Food Assistance

At St. Peter’s, many of us are truly blessed. For families living in poverty, however, life is a daily struggle. Here is a way we can all help. BackPack Weekend Food Assistance is a food ministry for children to ensure they have nutritional food and a few treats to get them through the weekend. We partner with PineCrest Elementary, one of […]


Baby Bottle Campaign raises $84,000!

The following is a letter written by Andrea Krazeise of the Sanford & Oviedo Crisis Pregnancy Center to St. Peter’s, thanking us for our part in the Baby Bottle Campaign: * * * Dear Father Charlie Holt- We want to thank you and your church for participating in this year’s “Baby Bottle Campaign”. Because of […]


The Ninth of Av

Columbus and the Ninth of Av by Martha Hoeber Tisha b’Av, the ninth day of the month of Av (which in our calendar always falls around the end of July or the beginning of August), is the date on which, twice, the Temple was destroyed, first by Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian army in 587 BC, and the […]


Jesus is not a Pinata!

When Pilgrims cry out “O Lord, hear my voice! Be attentive to my cry for mercy.” they are placing their trust and their hope in the Lord. Where is your hope? Do you rely on the God who spoke the universe into existence? The one who is so vast, so powerful, yet he knows you down […]

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  • For Such A Time As This August 19, 2015
    While the name of God is not mentioned, His hand is seen in all of the unfolding events within the book of Esther. God uses the faithfulness, courage and integrity of Esther and Mordecai to accomplish His good purposes for the exiled Jewish people. Mordecai ponders the mystery of God’s providence and their role in […]
    Charlie Holt
  • The Heart of a Reformer August 5, 2015
    King Ahaz was a corrupt and faithless king. He set up altars to false gods in every corner of Jerusalem, and he made unholy alliances with foreign kings. The most dramatic act of his rebellion against the Lord was when he “shut up the doors of the house of the Lord” (2 Chronicles 28:24). His […]
    Charlie Holt
  • The Banner of Christ Alone July 8, 2015
    The vision of the New Humanity voiced in the New Covenant does indeed express a vision that includes people from every tribe and nation. Praise God for that!  It also is a call to be willing to die to those cultural and genetic identities along with all of their badges and symbols. This is precisely […]
    Charlie Holt
  • The Banner of Christ Alone July 6, 2015
    As I have worked on racial reconciliation here in the community of Sanford following Trayvon Martin’s shooting and the trial of George Zimmerman, I have seen a lot of bad and good in national discussion on race. I want to be reconciled with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. To me, the main […]
    Charlie Holt
  • The Banner of Christ Alone July 1, 2015
    Some of the national debate which has ensued following the shooting of nine Christians in Charleston revolves around whether to furl the Confederate flag, as it is now being used as a banner under which many of the white supremacist groups fly. I want to add to some of the thoughts on heritage and the […]
    Charlie Holt

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